Centre for Life Los Angeles

Integrative Medicine

Our Practitioners

Our mission is to help our patients achieve wellness through body, mind, and spirit by bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. Integrative healthcare helps and treats the underlining cause of disease, rather than just manage the symptoms.

Centre for Life open hearts, minds and spirits to ultimate possibilities for healing and growth.

About Us

Avghi Constantinides  MA                            Homeopath

Keiko Cronin L.Ac.                                         Acupuncturist

Margo DeLever M.D.                                    Acupuncturist

Victoria Dunckley M.D.                                 Psychiatrists

Diane Foley M.D.                                           Five Element Acupuncture

Dorin Karlin N.D.                                           Naturopath

Shahla Modir M.D.                                        Psychiatrists

Joel Morris M.D.                                            Integrative Psychiatrists

Bethany Muhl L.Ac.                                      Acupuncturist

Elisha Reverby                                              Esthetician & Lymphatic Drainage

Rashel Tahzib D.O.                                       Intergrative Medicine