Avghi Constantinides D.Hom RS Hom HMC CCH MA  Homeopath

When you come to a homeopath for a consultation, we treat you, the whole person, rather than just your disease. Just as exercise keeps your body strong and makes you feel good, homeopathy enhances your natural defenses and vital force to help restore your body to harmony and balance. Today it is accepted in many countries as a recognized medical treatment.

Homeopathy is a natural system of healing that works by using a small dose of a substance to help stimulate the body’s natural healing forces. Homeopathy is an effective & safe treatment that is gentle yet extremely effective when used properly. 


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Keiko Cronin L.Ac.                                                          Acupuncturist

For those seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine – Keiko utilizes acupuncture, custom herbal formulas, acupressure and dietary counseling to address a wide range of acute and chronic health concerns. Treatments are tailored to individual needs to help restore balance and health.
In addition to her work as an acupuncturist & herbalist, Keiko is an initiated marakame.

Treatments involve discussion of the situation, concern or ailments; time for her to listen to the guidance offered by Spirit; and counsel or healing work using sacred objects to remove obstacles or blockages.  Illness – whether physical, emotional or spiritual – is a symptom of imbalance. This way of healing helps illuminate patterns that contribute to illness on all levels – it helps to restore balance and to enhance our ability to hear and connect to the guidance of our Hearts and to recieve support from Spirit (Divine).

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Karlee Dahlin, MA, LMFT                                               Psychotherapy
Karlee is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. Karlee is a cognitive behavioral therapist who incorporates somatic experience and mindfulness into her approach for optimal healing and mental wellness. Karlee specializes in addiction, and also loves working with children, couples, and families.  Karlee has worked in a variety of settings including counseling centers, homes, schools, drug/alcohol treatment centers, and child development/social skills programs. Karlee is experienced in trauma, depression, anxiety, communication skills, conflict resolution, relationship issues, addiction, eating disorders, couples counseling, bullying, and developmental delays. Karlee believes that building on strengths rather than deficits is the key for healing and finding solutions.  

Psychotherapy helps people by teaching strategies and tools to deal with stress, heal from emotional pain, and achieve goals.  Understanding symptoms and identifying negative patterns help people function better in life. Psychotherapy helps people identify their own strengths and assets in order to promote healing. It enables people to learn how to regulate and tolerate their own feelings,  and reach their potential. 

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Victoria Dunckley M.D.                                                  Psychiatrists

Victoria L. Dunckley, M.D. is dually boarded in both pediatric and adult psychiatry.  She combines conventional and alternative medicine to optimize mental health. She specializes in treating complex and treatment-refractory cases.  In 2011, she was named one of America’s Top Psychiatrists and won a Patient’s Choice Award.
www.drdunckley.com and her blog at www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mental-wealth.

Phone: 714 926-4796.

Diane Foley M.D.                                                            Five Element Acupuncture

Dr. Foley’s practice at the Centre for Life clinic has a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere where patients can receive the time and attention they deserve. She enjoys treating a wide variety of whole body, medical and pain-related conditions. Her patients have benefited from her gentle and relaxing treatments. Dr. Foley believes that combining acupuncture with modern Western technology can create a health care environment that enhances wellness.

Phone: 310 837-2378

Laura Greenberg                                                  Integrative Energy Specialist

Laura Greenberg completed the Masters Degree program in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica in 2010. She is a certified massage therapist and Reiki II practitioner. She is a founding member of Wisdom Women where she is co-steward on the Health and Wellness Council. She is a founding member of 4PC - The Four Percent Club - a highly curated mastermind of the top 4% of leaders in all fields. Laura developed The Energy Revitalist Method as a way to invoke deep healing within her clients and a framework to make it tangible in the outside world. Laura dynamically weaves together all of her extensive training and gifts to offer this deeply healing, powerfully transformative and revitalizing process on all levels. She is a gifted intuitive, giving insightful readings and training to people all over the world


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Shahla Modir M.D.                                                        Psychiatrists

Dr. Modir is an expert in addiction medicine and psychiatry. She is an integrative psychiatrist, studies Ayurvedic medicine and medical acupuncture. She is double board certified, a rare qualification in the treatment of dual diagnosis. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for Psychiatry AND Addiction Psychiatry.
Medical Director at many Malibu Rehab centers. She is also the chief psychiatrist for Soba Outpatient Treatment Center and an attending physician at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital. This blend of experience allows for a well-trusted evaluation and treatment of very complicated patients.  She has made guest appearances as an Addiction Expert on The Doctors, Dr. Oz show, and Channel 7 news.


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Joel Morris M.D.                                                              Integrative Psychiatrists

Joel Morris, M.D., is a board certified psychiatrist. He completed his residency at the University of Chicago, and furthered his psychiatric education with training in both geriatric and forensic psychiatry. He completed an acupuncture program in New Zealand and certificate program in Nanjing, China. He has a vast array of experiences within the psychiatric arena, and works within both Western and Eastern modalities. In the context of a therapeutic relationship, he uses psychodynamic approach, dream interpretation, acupuncture, aromatherapies, medications when appropriate, and nutritional supplements to address varying levels of difficulties others face in their lives. He hopes to engage an individual to expand their awareness and extend their freedom, by assisting each to unfold to their next level of development.

Phone: 310 422-4564

Bethany Muhl L.Ac.                                                        Acupuncturist

I am a California State Board licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, and a diplomat with the NCCAOM, the National Certification Board, in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I graduated with highest honors from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002 with the degree Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I have also completed and continue to pursue postgraduate work in Chinese medical gynecology, women’s health and fertility. I have also more recently begun to add pain relief and a more in depth study of acupuncture orthopedics to my expertise.
My goal is to help women reach their highest potential with excellent health and with self knowledge of women’s health issues. Not only do I focus on helping women through the stages of life from menstruation to  childbirth to menopause and beyond, but I seek to educate women on these stages to demystify and empower women in every phase of life.

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